Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism

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In case of inclement weather, please check here for more information on cancellations. Also be sure to check your email as a special e-blast will be sent out in the event of a cancellation.

Sunday Service  

May 27, 2018, 11am-12:30pm

Rev. Jackie Randall -  Sermon & Spirit Communications  

Designated Healer's Workshop - Part One, 1-3pm, No Charge 

Upcoming Events:

 Spiritual, Psychic and Healing Fair, Saturday, June 2nd, $35+

Introduction to Spiritual Philosophy, Healing and Unfoldment, Sunday, June 3rd, 1-3pm $5 suggested donation

Creative Writing Workshop, Sunday, June 10th, 1-3pm, $30

Message Circle, Sunday, June 17th, 1-3pm, $30


We are now collecting items for The Undies Project   

Visit our calendar to see a complete list of upcoming events.