Albertson Memorial Church History


Dr. Isabelle MacDonald

Dr. Isabelle MacDonald

The Albertson Memorial Church was established May 15, 1936.  Its founder was Dr. Isabelle MacDonald, a successful chiropractor in Stamford.  Initially, Dr. MacDonald met with a small group of spiritually oriented people in her home.  The purpose was to pray for those in need and to develop the God potentials within themselves.  Others wanted to join and this led to the founding of the church by Dr. MacDonald, who later became an ordained minister.  The church was named after one of her teachers in spirit, Dr. Albertson.


Reverend Raymond E. Burns

The first church building was at 13 Spring Street in Stamford.  Larger space was soon needed and 485 Summer Street was purchased where the Reverend M. MacBride Panton served as minister.  He was followed by the late Reverend Raymond E. Burns who served as minister for twenty-three years. 

Rev. Raymond E. Burns


Old Greenwich church building cornerstone

The move to Old Greenwich

In 1967 the Summer Street building was sold and the present church building purchased.  The church was constructed in 1894, and had previously served a Presbyterian congregation. Spiritualist Services have been held in the church in Old Greenwich since the spring of 1968. 

Rev. Mel O. Smith, Pastor 1970-2004

Rev. Dorothy Wynn Smith, Pastor 1970-2004

The Smiths

In January 1970 due to the pending retirement of Mr. Burns, an invitation was made to and accepted by the Reverend Melvin O. Smith and the Reverend Dorothy Wynn Smith to serve the church as husband and wife ministers, which they did until both of them passed to spirit in 2004.  We now have different guest ministers who serve our church for the Sunday service each week.