Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism

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This week at Albertson Church:

In case of inclement weather, please check here for more information on cancelations. Also be sure to check your email as a special e-blast will be sent out in the event of a cancelation.


Sunday Service

April 30th, 11am-12:30pm

Jessica Lawrence -- Service / AMC Mediumship Group - Spirit Communications

Featured Workshops


Sunday, April 30th, 1:00-3:00pm

Discernment: Getting the Message Right

with Alexandra Leclere

Fee: $25

We all receive messages from the Spirit World. Where do these messages come from? How can we trust them?  Internationally renowned energy healer and medium Alexandra Leclere will help you identify how you receive messages and when to trust them.

This experiential workshop will bring you the confidence that you have been seeking in your spiritual development.  Alexandra's goal is to empower as many people as possible. She will help you into a higher vibration with better contact with the Spirit World regardless of your level of communication.  Join Alexandra for this exciting, fun, and inspirational workshop

the Sacred Spirit - New Age Gift Shop

Located on lower level of Albertson Church

These programs do not reflect the philosophy or religion of Spiritualism endorsed by Albertson Memorial Church.