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Featured Workshops for June 2017


July 2017

Sunday, June 25th, 1:00-3:00pm

Past Lives and Present Challenges: How to use the energy of the past to heal the present

with Rev. Mary Yankee

Fee: $40

A discussion of how past lives influence our present one, including the challenges we face in our everyday lives, and how to utilize knowledge of those lifetimes to heal present day obstacles to realizing our Divine Potential. There will be an exercise to help each person discover whether a challenge they face is related to a past life event, and if so, how to address it effectively.


July 2nd, 1-3pm, Reverend Mary Yankee

Where Do the Dead Go? 

Fee: $40

A 30 minute talk on the nature of death and the deceased, followed by a Spirit Circle in which Reverend Yankee will offer messages from the other side. Workshop is limited to 20 participants, as each person attending will receive a message.


July 9th, 1-3pm, Rev. Barney & Barbara Thomas w/Nansi Rice

Message Circle

Fee: $25

Please join us for an afternoon of love, joy and communication. The atmosphere for the message circle will be light and friendly. Each participant will receive spirit communications from at least one or possibly all three mediums. Pre-registration is required and the circle will be limited to 12 participants so that each one will receive a message. Please contact to register.


July 15th, 3-5pm, Lisa Ko

Intuition on Demand

Fee: $30

Lisa will share her personal techniques in this 2-hour workshop. She will give an overview of the technique and explain why each step in the technique is important. How the steps in the process connect together and solves the following problems with intuition. How to make your intuition happen when you want, on what you want, how to trust it and finally how to get detailed information that is useful. The workshop will continue with a guided intuition exercise using the technique with her guidance to help you find your intuitive messages that you are receiving but don’t know it. She will use her intuition expertise to help you personally decode your personal intuitive messages. This is where she will drill down and work to dig out what is your real intuition and what is not.


July 16th, 1-3pm, Joan Carra

Mediumship 101- History, Exercises and Messages

Fee: $40

Joan Carra will trace the history of mediumship to our modern day mediums, who are television personalities and bestselling authors. Students will also learn to access messages, feelings and images from spirit with exercises and techniques that will not only enhance their intuition, but give them confidence to trust their own inner antennae, thus communicating from the dimension beyond the living. Then Joan will give messages from the dead to those attending class.


July 22nd, 2-4pm, June Ringelheim

Dealing with Stress using Bach Flower Remedies

Fee: $40

There will be an introduction to Bach Flower remedies describing flower essences, the history of Bach flowers and how they are made. June will go over some of the most common remedies used for relief of different forms of stress. Each participant will make their own “stress relief“ bottle to take home at the end of the class.


July 23rd, 1-3pm, Rev. Jackie Randall

Auras & Colors

Fee: $25

Weekly Classes

Beginner Psychic & Mediumship Class with Bobby Kitsios

Wednesdays: Evening Class - 7:00pm-9:00pm

Fee: $20 per class

Topics will include: guided meditation, healing, psychic exercises and beginning mediumship techniques.

A Course in Miracles - facilitated by Joan Goss

Thursday: Day Class - 12:00 - 1:15 pm

Thursday: Evening Class - 7:00 - 8:15 pm

$20 suggested love donation per class. (No one will be turned away who cannot pay.)

Ready to see the world differently?

Leave fear behind and experience the peace of God. "You are entitled to Miracles." ACIM

Note: Class is cancelled on Thursday, June 29th and Thursday, June 6th.

Ongoing Events

Weekly Prayer Circle

Sundays, 10:30-10:55am

Meets downstairs in the meditation room. See you there!

Bereavement Group for Grieving Parents/Grandparents

Last Sunday of the month, 1:00-3:00pm

Come join a circle of support and a place to share with other grieving parents. The group will meet on the last Sunday of every month after church service.