Spiritual, Psychic, and Healing Fair

July 8th, 2017


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Would you like a "second opinion" on your life issues, or a personal message from a departed loved one? Are you curious about your purpose in this life, or seeking a bit more direction and focus--come join us!

Drop in and give us a try! Bring a friend, too --

25-min. readings, $40 to $55 -- healing sessions $30 for 15-20 min. 

JOAN CARRA - (PSYCHIC READINGS, NUMEROLOGY, MEDIUMSHIP) A well known medium and psychic. She has been written about in books, magazines and newspapers.

LIZ HOY - (MEDIUMSHIP & PSYCHIC READINGS) Her detail oriented readings bring through great clarity and evidence that your loved ones in spirit are with you.

CHRISTINE VILLANI - (PSYCHIC READINGS & MEDIUMSHIP) An interfaith minister who found her gift of mediumship in 1999 and is now sharing with others. Christine sees and hears from loved ones and spirit guides.

JANET GALLO - (MEDIUM) A gifted medium, she will connect with your loved ones in spirit bringing through messages of hope and love. 

BOBBY KITSIOS - (TAROT) Combining intuition and Tarot reading skills, he can give you clarity and understanding about your life journey.

ANGELA PIZZARELLO - (TAROT) A sensitive and insightful Tarot card reader who brings light and understanding to your issues.

VALERIE TARANGELO - (REIKI HEALING FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS) Reiki Master with over thirty years experience in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice and private clients. Valerie will be offering stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Pet healing with Valerie is also available by appointment between 3 and 5pm (leash or carrier, please.)

We have faith you'll have a rewarding experience with our readers, but church policy does not allow us to offer refunds.