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Chakra Clearing

Chakra Clearing with Kathleen James and Bobby Kitsios

1:00-3:00pm / Fee: $20

What you think about not only affects how you feel about yourself: it creates experiences in your life, which correspond to those feelings. When you believe something to be true your experiences will fall in line with your belief. In other words, your attitudes and opinions attract things to you like a magnet.

One way to affirm ourselves is by examining our attitudes and if necessary, changing those, which are negative. When we change our feelings about ourselves to become more positive and affirmative, our energy changes: we lighten up and look and feel great. 

In this workshop, you will receive positive affirmations in relation to each of the chakras while in a relaxed state. This will give you an opportunity to change what you are saying to yourself and create the change you may be seeking in your life.

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