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Ancestral Repatterning: Tracing the Origins of Your Illness

Ancestral Repatterning: Tracing the Origins of Your Illness

with Laura Aversano

Fee: $40

Pre-register by email or phone: or 203-556-9521

Please be aware that this workshop requires a minimum number of students, if you are interested in a class, please call to register before the workshop date.

Join Author, Medical Intuitive, and Spiritwalker Laura Aversano, as she delves deeply into patterns and imprints that impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Through her 21 years of practice, Laura has been able to ascertain origins of illness which begin for many of us with our ancestral lineage. Having communicated with the spirit world since childhood, Laura employs her emphatic abilities along with her journeying beyond the veil to see what contributes to people’s ailments.

Laura will work with a few audience members, connecting with the spirit world as she expands the frequencies already present with those who volunteer and in the room. She retrieves insight to help all participants better understand how to palpate the world around them and what lies within. She’ll give examples of how she tracks conditions of all kinds whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. As Laura expands the energies present as the spiritual process unfolds, class members participate by experiencing them and offering and receiving feedback and support. This becomes part of an individual and collective ancestral healing which we explore in group consciousness. It also provides a unique opportunity to more fully experience the process of multi-dimensional transformation.