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Cord Cutting Workshop - Rid Yourself of Negative Energetic Ties

Cord Cutting Workshop - Rid Yourself of Negative Energetic Ties

August 5, 2018 from 1:00-3:00pm 

$30 Members/ $40 Non-Members

In this workshop you will learn that negative past emotions are still held within our bodies and keep us from living life fully. You will learn to identify and locate and release negative energetic ties from parents, ex's, friends, etc. that we hold onto and keep us from being free. You will identify and locate one or two negative energetic ties that bind you to past relationships that no longer serve you. You will feel lighter and increase the flow of positive energy so that you can live a happier and freer life. These ties can also be a basis for physically and emotionally beginning a process of healing.  This is a simple technique that once learned, you can use as often as you need to keep your energetic body, which helps your physical body, healthy. This is not a substitute for professional/medical treatments.


Rev. Jessica Lawrence  - Reiki Master, Energetic hands-on-healer. Channeled for 25 years as a psychic, clairvoyant, able to get images and messages to help clients through energetic movement of emotion. Healing and readings at The Awaken Fair, Readings at Bloomingdales, Star Vision. Church Healer at Albertson Memorial Spiritual Church. Private sessions of cord cutting and healing sessions.