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Heaven Sent Healing & Hope

Fee: $25/$35 non-members

A workshop to help relieve some of the grief we feel from the loss of a loved one. Connecting to the Spirit World to bring comfort and unity thru mediumship. This class will start with a meditation to form a personal connection with the departed soul. Group and individual exercises.  Class will end with a spirit memorial where you can share your story with and about your loved one.  

Bobby Kitsios is a student of the Morris Pratt Institute, studying to become a Spiritualist Minister.  A Reiki Master, he continued his healing path studying in the Lilydale & volunteered in its Healing Temple. He studied Tarot Reading with Nancy D’Erasmo & continued his psychic study in Lilydale under the tutelage of John White. 

Bobby began his path towards mediumship with Liz Hoy.  He has studied with renowned mediums from across the world, Caroline Molnar from Canada, Janet Nohavec, John Holland & British mediums Lisa Williams, Collin Bates & Mavis Pattilla. Bobby is in the processes of learning Spirit Art & Auragraphs from Joseph Shiel & Stella Upton.  He currently reads for clients throughout the country.  He has been to Arthur Finley College of Mediumship in Stansted England, where he studied with John Johnson and Bill Thomson.