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Into the Power with Ben Davis


This workshop is aimed at students with all ability levels irrespective of energy work done previously. The workshop explores the power of self in relation to our surroundings and higher self. Students will explore some of the variety of activities and experiences available to them through increased and varied understanding of different energy work.

Students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of different energies first hand as well as using their own creative force to assert and develop themselves.
Workshop Aims To have:

- The ability to perceive the elemental energies    

- The capacity to use and blend the elemental energies                                             

- A basic understanding of the usefulness of various energy sources

Professional Experience: Working medium and Tutor for over 10 years having demonstrated mental mediumship as well as teaching all over the United Kingdom as well as other locations throughout the world. Specialist experience within development of Mental Mediumship, Clearings, Healing and Energy Work including but not limited to Physical Mediumship.