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Intuition and Body Wisdom for Women with Angela Pizzarello

What if your Body Centered Intuition was a magic power that you could call on whenever you needed to make an important decision?  Because it is!  As women, intuition is our secret power as we navigate through life's many challenges and opportunities.  In this workshop, we will explore a whole body approach to intuition, and practice ways to develop it.  Bring a journal and pen as we dive deep into feelings and the spiritual messages they hold for us as women.  Learn simple ways to tune in more deeply into your body and its innate wisdom. In this workshop, you will:

·     Learn simple tools to get clear on what your body "thinks" about a person, situation or opportunity.

·     Know when someone is lying to you by tuning into your body's "Bull Barometer!"

·     Decode the language that your body is speaking, so that you can understand "her" needs and desires.

·    Discover the larger energy patterns that cause your body to "act out" to get your attention.

Cost is $35 Members/$45 Non-Members (space is limited and pre-registration is required)

This is a Women Only workshop, so we can be as raw and as real as we like.  We will dive like mermaids into the waves of our sacred intuition, and learn to use it as our internal GPS. 


Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Coach.  Her Intuitive Energy Readings offer insight into your current life themes, relationship dynamics, and windows of opportunity.  In her Emotional Freedom Sessions, she combines the gifts of EFT Tapping with her intuition to help free you from limiting beliefs and energy patterns that are keeping you stuck.