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Addiction, Trauma & Freedom with Denise Lamoureux

Sunday, May 19, 2019

1:00-3:00pm, Love Donation

Workshop with Denise Lamoureux

Addiction, Trauma and Freedom


The addiction rate in this country is at an all-time high. Teenage opiate use and heroin overdoses are increasing at alarming rate.


Trauma is at the root of all addiction.


Workshop focuses on the connection between trauma & addiction and will ask us to look at addiction differently.  We will explore the pain around the addiction vs questioning the addiction itself. We will seek to understand trauma behind the addiction, and ask ‘how did it make you feel inside’?


By healing trauma, the old “triggers” that make us pick up a drug or a drink are no longer there.  Emotions are no longer "unbearable".  We are able to handle our emotions and situations with more emotional stability and make the right choices. Our sobriety becomes a life of joy, happiness and peace. We no longer crave escape.


Visualizations such as the Hawkins vibrational scale may be used.

Research, studies and statistics also included.

Healings with Denise was born from Denise Lamoureux’s own quest to heal from childhood trauma, fear, and addiction. Her journey began after being a successful restaurant owner for 26 years. Despite the success, she felt unworthy, not good enough and unable to stop drinking. Denise was determined to heal and uncover why her success was not enough.


Denise became the founder of Finding Feathers, a Wellness Center in Fairfield, CT. She is a certified Crystal Dream Healer, IYS Therapist, Reiki Master, Channel and Trauma healer. Denise true passion is the study of the brain and the impact of childhood trauma in addiction, anxiety, auto-immune disease and the physical body.


Denise specializes in releasing traumas from the unconscious brain and cellular memory. By releasing the trauma, people are changed. Old “triggers” are removed and they are able to experience true healing and freedom. Denise’s successful healing business has been making extraordinary strides in the healing of addiction, anxiety, physical ailments and PTSD. Visit: to learn more.