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Spiritual, Psychic and Healing Fair

Spiritual, Psychic and Healing Fair

Saturday, May 4th, 11:00-4:00pm

ANGEL GOMEZ – (PSYCHIC/TAROT READER) Sensitive, bilingual (Spanish and English), and gifted spiritually since childhood from a long family lineage of outstanding intuitive ability.

BOB BUCHANAN – (CAULBEARER) Born with a veil Bob listens to the souls who come through to him, they will be the souls closes to his client. Assists and guide his clients in their life.

ELLYN SHANDER - (PHYSICIAN PSYCHIC HEALER) She has worked as a medium and healer for many years. Her passion is to help people walk their magnificence and feel their highest potential as well as connect with their loved ones on the other side.

HILDA SWABY – (HEALER) Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Medium. She has spent time in Brazil with the Healer, John of God. Certified from the Advanced School of Spiritual Arts. Her Healing Technique focuses on cause, effect, healing and treatment to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony.

JESSICA LAWRENCE - (MEDIUM & PSYCHIC) A medium and psychic, channeling information from her guides using clairvoyance, visions, and psychic knowing, claircognizance. My Sacred Rebel cards and their colorful pictures enhance my readings. 

JAMES LUSE – (PAST LIVES, MEDIUMSHIP, PSYCHIC READINGS) Medium; Past Life Reader; Channeler/psychometrist in work, business, relationships, family and personal life.

 JANET GALLO – (MEDIUMSHIP) A gifted medium will connect with your loved ones in spirit bringing through messages of hope and love.

LIZ HOY - (MEDIUMSHIP & PSYCHIC READINGS) Her detail-oriented readings bring through great clarity and evidence that your loved ones in spirit are with you.

RAVEN WINDS – (PSYCHIC MEDIUM) Has over 30 years of experience with clear spirit connections. Her specialty is closure which allows healing.

ORIANDE – (Crystal Divination, Tarot, Life Coaching) Born with Second Sight, insight into the happenings around you, will help you to clarify what you want and where you’re headed. If time allows she will help you to create an action plan based on the information discovered in the reading.

­­­TRISH MILLER – (TAROT CARD READER) She has over 40 years’ experience and can access information concerning your most sought-after questions

VALERIE TARANGELO - (REIKI HEALING FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS) Reiki Master with over thirty years’ experience in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice and private clients. Valerie will be offering stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Pet healing with Valerie is also available by appointment between 2 and 4pm (leash or carrier, please).

Free Admission   Readings $40 - $55 for 25 minutes   Healing $30 for 15-20 minutes
Cash, personal check, and credit cards* accepted—NO reservations needed, we now give out slots first-come, first-serve but if you would like to make a reservation please contact We have faith you’ll have a rewarding experience with our readers, but church policy does not allow refunds.

Would you like a "second opinion" on your life issues, or a personal message from a departed loved one? Are you curious about your purpose in this life, or seeking a bit more direction and focus--come join us!

Drop in and give us a try! Bring a friend, too --