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Understanding Your Chakras with Elena Cantavero

Elena has been a Dowser for 20 years (Member, American Society of Dowsers), and provides Health Guidance-Emotional/Nutrition/Energy/Spiritual. She is a Reiki Master and Angel Worker-Bringing Unconditional Love and Light to the Heart.

Workshop: Cost-Offer by Donation

Understanding why is it so imporlant to know the "spiritual" energy levels of our

chakras and how this relates to your physical body, the endocrine system and

the emotional body.

We will Dowse the 7 basic chakras, also known as energy points (originating in

India, 1500-500 BC). Emphasis will be on why we should know how our Chakras

relate to our present state of being, and more. Plus, how this can help us in our

knowing of self and also in our daily meditations.

Using a pendulum to measure your chakras -Please bring yours.

lf you don't have a pendulum, you can borrow one or just watch.

Learning what each Chakra/energy point corresponds to.

And, Why should we meditate? And, how it affects our Chakras.

Understanding the fascinating Pineal Gland: it's relation to the Crown Chakra,

and some long forgotten history.