We also accept the following Laws of the Universe:

Faith: Faith is defined as a belief in things unseen. What sets Spiritualism apart from other religions is that it seeks to demonstrate, through the vehicle of mediumship, its most fundamental principle: survival of death and the continuity of the Spirit. With the revelation that death has no sting and is, in fact, swallowed up in victory comes greater faith in one’s own immortality and the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Human Family, under the Love and Care of God. True faith comes about when the earthly personality aligns itself with the higher aspects of the soul and the divine aspects of the Spirit. Faith belongs to no religion and knows no limitation; it simply is! Through faith, we are given the inspiration and the encouragement to take each and every step in our soul’s journey. Faith is the dedication of our heart to the Divine. 

The Law of Thought and Attraction: The tool of the Spirit is Mind, and like any tool, Mind can be used to build and unify, or to destroy and fragment. We are what we think. When Mind creates and sends forth a thought vibration, it will seek fertile soil for growth. If none exists, it will whither and die. Thus, the importance of creating within and around us an aura which will nurture and strengthen Divine thought and not allow that which opposes the Spirit to grow. Spiritualism addresses this directly through an understanding of  the Body-Mind-Soul relationship and manifests this understanding through the Ministry of Healing.

The Law of Reincarnation: Every soul is given the opportunity to return to the earth (or elsewhere) as often as he or she feels necessary, and enter a new classroom of experience. Some return to earth to triumph over obstacles and errors of past lives. Others return to earth to attest to themselves and others that they have truly embraced Spirit’s love and forgiveness. Yet others return to earth, not for the sake of self development, but to be as spiritual beacon lights for others to witness and, then, emulate in their soul’s journey. Reincarnation and the Great Law of Karma (Cause and Effect; or Personal Responsibility) work hand-in-hand in the soul’s journey.

The Law of Abundance: What we give is what we receive. God wishes us all to live an abundant life. Furthermore, God gives us all the tools of Spirit to make “On earth as it is in Heaven”. But, it is we who must accept the tools and gifts of the Spirit and use them wisely and in harmony with Divine Plan. Our thinking and mental attitude create the “laboratory” for the soul’s work. If we embrace Life with a positive and an abundant attitude, abundance will be ours. However, we must be mindful not to equate spiritual abundance with material abundance; one does not necessarily translate into the other.