Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism (member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and the Connecticut State Spiritualist Association) is a growing and dynamic church.

Our ministries are wide-reaching and seek to fulfill your spiritual, religious and community needs. Our members and Board of Directors have managed to create an open and loving atmosphere within the Church; one which welcomes people from all faiths and denominations. As a Spiritualist Church, our doors are open to everyone. Genuine Spiritualism is truly interfaith, in that its foundation stones (both religious and spiritual) are firmly implanted in the Spirit, and it is the Spirit (Divine and individual) which weaves a thread of continuity amongst all faiths.

Our Church is a New England style church on the main street of Old Greenwich, Connecticut, a lovely community just a short train ride from the center of Manhattan. Old Greenwich has managed to maintain its rural, small-town atmosphere, with its shops, boutiques, toy store, barber, hardware store, fire station, and grammar school. Albertson Church is located right next to the Town Grammar School, a roughly five-minute walk from Old Greenwich train station (Metro North Line from Grand Central).

  • If you are looking to rent space, then check us out.

  • If you are seeking a place to hold your wedding, then our Church is just perfect. Its sanctuary is simple, with lovely stained glass windows, and seats, comfortably, around 150 people.

  • We have a sizeable function room, with full kitchen facilities.

    Please feel free to e-mail us at: for any questions or requests.


Here is a list of online information and membership forms:

Our next Membership Class will be held in the near future, we will post the date on our classes and events page. Thank you and we hope to see you at Sunday worship.



Policy Regarding What Constitutes a “Member in Good Standing”

A “member in good standing” does:

  • Follow the 9 principles of Spiritualism
  • Communicate honestly, clearly, and rationally with members, congregants, the acting minister, and the Board of Directors
  • Put the welfare of the church before all personal agendas and desires
  • Adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised within the context of structured Board and Membership meetings
  • Keep all comments/activities made at meetings of the Board of Directors confidential unless otherwise authorized by the Board to make comments/activities public—whether acting on the Board of Directors OR meeting with the Board of Directors.


A “member in good standing” does not:

  • Slander members, congregants, visiting ministers, or the Board of Directors
  • Defame members, congregants, visiting ministers, or the Board of Directors
  • Physically harm members, congregants, visiting ministers, the Board of Directors, or church property
  • Use church finances for personal gain
  • Contact the full membership of the church without written consent from the Board of Directors, as this contact would constitute a violation of members’ privacy
  • Contact anyone outside of the church (e.g. ministers, lawyers, contractors) on behalf of the church unless otherwise given authorization to do so by the Board of Directors
  • Assert authority in regards to church matters unless otherwise given authorization to do so by the Board of Directors
  • Access the church property without a member of the Board of Directors’ supervision unless otherwise given authorization to do so by the Board of Directors